Monday, January 16, 2012

Fortune Cookie Soap Shampoo Bar Review

My hair sucks...I'm just gonna put that out there now.  It's dry, damaged, and to make matters worse I'm the worst at hairstyling so my hair is always in either a bun, ponytail, or just down with no style whatsoever.  So my primary focus right now is to just get it healthy.  While usually the new products I try to use on my hair turn out to be epic fails, this Fortune Cookie Soap Shampoo Bar in Hawaiian Ice thankfully didn't turn out to be one of them.  Having never used a similar product before, I had a very pleasant experience with it, not to mention my hair smelled AH-mazinggggg!  Read on for more info and pics :)

First off, if you've never used a shampoo bar before, its pretty simple.  All you have to do is get your hair really wet, wet the shampoo bar a bit, and then rub it on your hair/scalp until it lathers.  
My main concern with this product was that it wouldn't lather easily.  For some reason, when I use normal shampoos I have to apply them twice in order to get it to lather.  It's weird.  When I first put shampoo in my hair it almost feels like there's nothing there.  Then when I do it a 2nd time, it lathers like crazy.  This didn't always happen to me so I don't know what the issue is.  So needless to say I didn't expect this lather up in my hair at being that its a bar and not a liquid.  I glad to say that I was 100% wrong however.  The bar lathered up immediately after rubbing it on my head the first time I applied it, eliminating the need for me to repeat the process a second time.  Score #1 for saving me time!

My second concern was that it would strip my hair.  I didn't have any basis for this idea, I just though it might.  Once again I was wrong, although not 100% this time.  According to the website, the bar contains chunks of shea butter in order to moisturize your hair, and the accompanying video tutorial for this product kind of implied that you could get away without condition because of this.  Now, I never intended to skip conditioner as I'm pretty sure there isn't a shampoo in the world good enough for me to do that, but I was hoping that it wouldn't turn my hair into a stripped, matted mess.  And it didn't, but it certainly didn't make it softer and more moisturized either.  Like with most shampoos for me, I wouldn't have been able to get a comb through my hair after only using this bar, but I think if needed I may be able to detangle it a bit with time.  And to be fair, the website does say the bars are meant for "normal" hair, not "desert" hair.  So half a point for at least not stripping my hair.  And if you are the type of person that is able to get by with only shampooing your hair you could probably get away with doing the same with this product.

The most awesome thing while using this is hands down the scent.  I got the Shampoo Bar in Hawaiian Ice and according to the website, it's supposed to smell like pineapple and mint.  I read some reviews that said they had gotten bars that smelled more mint than pineapple but I would have to say my bar actually smells like more pineapple than mint.  However I do get a slight cooling sensation from what I figure is whatever trace amount of mint is in there.  And boy does it smell exactly like deliciously sweet pineapple!  My whole shower smells like a tropical paradise when I wash my hair now.  The scent isn't too strong though, and after all the conditioners, leave-ins, and sprays I put on over top of it you can only smell a trace of it.  But I would guess that the average person doesn't use as many products I use so the smell may last longer on you than it does on me.

What really made me fall in love with this product though was the final result.  After using it the first time, I noticed that my hair felt better than it had been in a long time.  It was cleaner, lighter, and more voluminous.  I hesitated to jump on the love wagon at first however because I was using new conditioner and blow dryer as well, so I didn't know exactly what to chalk it up to at first.  But at this point I've used the bar 3 more times with different conditioners that I've used before, all with the same awesome result!  I've never had a shampoo that really made my hair feel better, just ones that remained neutral or made my hair worse.  MAJOR points for that!

Bottom Line:  Amber Loves!!!  <3<3<3<3<3

The bar seems like it will last a while, as it's only gotten a bit smaller since I first used it.  And the best part of all is that it's cruelty free and safe for color-treated hair!

I wish that it was a bit more moisturizing, but the fact that it smells so good, lathers so well, and makes my hair look and feel so much better, I can overlook that one thing.  I can't wait to try Fortune Cookie Soap's other scents, although I'm pretty sure Hawaiian Ice is going to be my favorite.  And I'm really looking forward to seeing how well their Conditioner Bars work now that I know their Shampoos work so well.

Have you ever used a product like this before?  What did you think?

**Tip**  You can get this product with (at an additional cost) or without a tin carrying case.  I received this as a Christmas gift with the tin, but note that you shouldn't put your bar in the case right out of the shower when its still wet.  Being that its tin, it will rust after a while of being wet.  I saved the plastic that the bar came wrapped in and sit it on that until it's dry, and then return it to the tin until its next use.  But if you do choose to do that, make sure to not place the bar directly on the sticker that comes on the plastic.  I accidentally did this and the ink from the sticker stained some of the bar.  Not a big deal, but avoid it if you can.  However you choose to store it though, DO NOT leave this near the shower or anywhere where it wouldn't be able to stay dry.  Being that it's basically just dried up liquid shampoo, it will disintegrate.


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